A quick welcome, this site was originally setup in the depths of 2003 to support my fledgling adventure into motorsport.

It all started with proper grass roots motorsport which is sprinting, in those days I started competing in my Lotus Elise Sport 160.  After a good introduction year I had got the bug and for the 2005 season the Elise had a bit of a upgrade in the form of a Minster powered VHPD Rover K series.  This engine took me to the 2005 Bristol Speed Championship.

In 2006 I progressed to circuit racing in and a Radical Clubsport, in the Castle Combe Special GT championship.  The little 1100cc Kawasaki engine powered the car around the fast Wiltshire track but it was lacking the outright power to keep up with the other competitors in the class.

This year was very much a learning year, a lot of time was put into developing the car.  Improving the aerodynamics to get the most of the engine and chassis, upgraded suspension and brakes.

For 2007 the development had got a little out of control and I had built a 1400cc Hayabusa engine to fit into the back of the little Clubsport.  With its previously upgrades the car was a weapon, with just over 200bhp and only 430kg it was able to keep up with the bigger machinery.  That year I finished 2nd in the Castle Combe Special GTs (Class B)

2008 only saw me compete in a couple of races, although I was lucky enough to take a win at Silverstone.  The budget ran dry and I returned to sprinting in 2009.

As I had sold the Lotus Elise Sport 160 to fund the racing I was without a car for the sprinting.  Along came my 3rd Lotus in the shape of a Mk1 111S, the car had a low level of tune and was producing about 160bhp.  With the driving experience I had gained racing the Radical in 2009 I took the Bristol Speed Championship for a second time.

These days I am still involved in motorsport but I am taking a sabbatical from the driving.  Travelling around the UK and Europe to watch and also spending my weekends in the paddock wielding the spanners when I’m needed.

What’ll find on this site are all my old racing meeting write ups and results, the Radical development diary covering the aero and engine upgrades.  Lastly I’ve added the build diary of my Elise when I upgraded my little Rover K series VVC engine in the Elise 111S to a supercharged rocket ship.

-Rob Clarke